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What It’s Like To Travel Through Latin America as A Solo Female Digital Nomad

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‘Guys, I’m off. In two months I’m escaping Dutch winter for three months to explore what it’s like to venture around Latin America while working remotely — ‘digital nomad’ing’ as the hipsters call it. Oh and uh, I’m going by myself.’

That’s what I told my family and friends last November. Reactions were mixed. Some thought it was a bit of a bold decision (‘Why three months?’). My dad — unsurprisingly — was worried about my safety (‘Do you really have to go to drug infused Colombia?’). Some didn’t understand why I was going by myself (‘But you don’t know anyone there!’). One thought I’d never come back (‘You’ll fall in love with a Colombian.’). But most thought it was cool and brave (‘I wouldn’t have the guts to do it’) and people were rather jealous I had the freedom to exchange Dutch winter for Latin American summer like that.

During the last weeks in Amsterdam I gathered a bunch of copywriting and journalism assignments that could be done while working remotely. Not because I desperately wanted to work while in South America, but because I simply couldn’t afford going otherwise.

Upon boarding my flight from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires on January 24th I blinked a tear. I was going to travel 17h on a plane by myself to a city where I didn’t know anyone except for a Dutch acquaintance I hadn’t seen in over ten years. The last time I practiced my beginner Spanish was over twelve years ago. Why did I go again? Why did I want this?, I asked myself, feeling mostly empty and lonely, rather than excited. But my plane was about to leave.

One month in, time for some reflections.

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