• Mijn Syrische Keuken

    Together with rockstar refugee Zina Abboud I wrote Mijn Syrische Keuken, a cookbook, but not an average cookbook.


    Mijn Syrische Keuken is a compilation of delicious Syrian recipes and therefore opens you up to one of the best kept food secrets of the Middle East. But the book also contains the memories behind these recipes, ingredients and, most importantly, Zina's story about her journey from Aleppo to Amsterdam. It's a story of resilience, willpower, perseverance and (re)finding strength in harsh conditions.


    Zina and I met at a New Years Eve dinner in 2016, when I organized a dinner for refugees together with friends. Zina was one of the refugees that showed up. Not only did she have a charismatic personality and radiate enormous strength. She also turned out to be an amazing cook. That night her catering company 'Zina's Kitchen' was born. It was just a matter of months before she got asked to cater her food to weddings, company dinners, exhibition openings and, most notably, a dinner for princess Beatrix.


    1,5 years later Zina and I signed a book contract with Xander Publishers, to write the first Syrian cookbook in the Netherlands. The result, Mijn Syrische Keuken, is in bookstores around the Netherlands and Belgium now.

    Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte with Mijn Syrische Keuken

    Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte with Mijn Syrische Keuken

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