• Digital nomad life

    I've been working and living the life of a so called digital nomad for five years now. It started when I was living in London and decided to give freelance life a go. I haven’t looked back since


    I realized that I thoroughly enjoyed the autonomy, which enhanced my productivity and happiness immensely. I noticed I have the discipline and entrepreneurial mindset to make this way of workingwork for me, something that is needed if you want to give freelance digital nomad life a go. The freedom to decide when you want to work, and where, have become the main drivers to keep this lifestyle going.


    People often ask me: isn't it lonely? Don't you miss having colleagues? It can be lonely, yes, but I can't remember the last time I actually felt lonely. This is because there are numerous ways to battle the loneliness part of the lifestyle. These tricks have become an integral part of my life as a digital nomad, and essential to keep myself going.


    Over the last couple of years I've having spent winters working from and traveling in Latin America, Bali, Morocco, Myanmar, and Gran Canaria amongst others.


    I've written a bunch of articles about these adventures in major news outlets, like Quartz and

    Dutch financial paper FD. In spring 2018 I published a series about my wanderings and lessons learned along the way.


    Do you want to learn more about being a digital nomad? Or how you can (re)design your life so you can become one? Do you want to know more about why remote work is the future of work, or how to stay productive while on the road?

    Working from the Ace Hotel in New York, summer 2016

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