• I published over 500 articles


    I have over seven years of experience working as an international journalist. I reported from the City of London, the United Nations in New York, clothing factories in Bangladesh, Myanmar, a zero-carbon city in the desert near Abu Dhabi and the ricefields of Bali amongst others. Articles I wrote here were published @ Vice, Quartz, CNBC, Het Parool, De Standaard, NRC and the FD amongst others. Here's an overview.


    In the last two years however I shifted my focus in writing to:

    • New ways of working and working remotely
    • Career choices for generation Y 

    I'm passionate about all the opportunities the internet has opened up to my generation of millennials, and want to help stimulate others to explore these opportunities to the fullest. Think: working remotely, the power of coworking spaces, digital nomadism, etc. I wrote about it in this post for Quartz: Why I decided to go on a cowork vacation in Bali for a month. And in this one: Future millennial CEOs: Keep these career lessons in mind.


    Do you have any articles ideas around these themes? Or do you just have a burning question or recommendation?

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