• I help organizations boost thought leadership, brand and intelligence with editorially curated newsletters

    Newspresso is my brainchild. But I also create, curate and design other editorial-focused newsletters for companies and organisations under the label Newspresso for Business.


    Clients include: energy group Eneco, strategy consultant Thaesis, Dutch newspaper FD, and Dutch award show FD Gazellen.


    My 2+ years of experience of curating newsletters people actually open (average opening rate: +45%, double the industry average) allowed me to master the art of newsletter writing and create a feel for what people want to read.


    The largest and most successful I did was FD Bites, a daily newsletter for young professionals Het Financieele Dagblad, the Dutch financial daily, commissioned me to do. I launched, wrote and edited it for 1,5 years. Then it merged with an app. It got send out to 7200+ people five days a week and had an opening rate of 50% – double the industry average.

    Here's an edition I particularly liked.


    I can help you to create, design and curate a newsletter that provides habitual value to your audience, with a tone of voice that makes it easy to digest. A newsletter your audience will actually read and will look forward to reading.


    Sounds easy? Yes.

    But the reality is it isn't.


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