• I help organisations boost thought leadership, brand and intelligence with editorially curated newsletters

    Newspresso is my brainchild. But I also create, curate and design other editorial-focused newsletters for companies and organisations under the label Newspresso for Business.


    Clients include: energy group Eneco, strategy consultant Thaesis, Dutch newspaper FD, and Dutch award show FD Gazellen.


    My 2+ years of experience of curating newsletters people actually open (average opening rate: +45%, double the industry average) allowed me to master the art of newsletter writing and create a feel for what people want to read.


    The largest and most successful I did was FD Bites, a daily newsletter for young professionals Het Financieele Dagblad, the Dutch financial daily, commissioned me to do. I launched, wrote and edited it for 1,5 years. Then it merged with an app. It got send out to 7200+ people five days a week and had an opening rate of 50% – double the industry average.

    Here's an edition I particularly liked.


    I can help you to create, design and curate a newsletter that provides habitual value to your audience, with a tone of voice that makes it easy to digest. A newsletter your audience will actually read and will look forward to reading.


    Sounds easy? Yes.

    But the reality is it isn't.





    Do you work at a company that needs to sharpen its content strategy?


    Does your organization have a story to tell, but does it need help telling it?


    Do you want to better communicate the expertise and industry knowledge of your business to the world?


    Do you want to put out compelling content that moves people, rather than has them click away?


    Let's talk.


    I (help) create compelling content, craft content strategies that activate people and help drive thought leadership.


    Types of copy I have written in the past: (newspaper) articles, blog posts, press releases, advertorials, newsletters, website copy, interviews, CV's, application letters.


    Platforms I understand how to navigate: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Mailchimp



    Some examples of work I've done:

    -> A Facebook post about a dinner with a Syrian refugee resulted in a book deal.

    -> A blog post on Medium about digital nomad life in Latin America turned into a weekly column in a national newspaper.

    -> Pitching hundreds of story ideas to publications turned into published articles.



    Why would you want to have an editorial-focused newsletter with curated content? Isn't email dead?


    Organizations that send out curated newsletters to their audiences can establish themselves as an informational authority on specific topics in a non-intrusive manner. It's a very powerful tool. However: very few brands are smart about it.


    I can help you become smart about it, while keeping it simple.

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