• Do you work at a company that needs to sharpen its point of view?


    Could your organization benefit from a content strategy that prioritizes thought leadership and authority?


    Does your business have a story to tell, but does it need help telling it?


    Do you want to better communicate the expertise and industry knowledge of your business to the world?


    Let's talk.


    I (help) create compelling content, craft content strategies that activate people and help drive thought leadership.


    Types of copy I have written in the past: (newspaper) articles, blog posts, press releases, advertorials, newsletters, website copy, interviews, CV's, application letters.


    Platforms I know how to navigate include: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Mailchimp



    Some examples of work I've done:

    -> A Facebook post about a dinner with a Syrian refugee resulted in a book deal.

    -> A blog post on Medium about digital nomad life in Latin America turned into a weekly column in a national newspaper.

    -> Pitching hundreds of story ideas to publications turned into published articles.

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